About Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

The Kyoto University GSM (Graduate School of Management) was established in April 2006. It is a professional school for management and business. Upon completion of two-year graduate courses, students will be granteda MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree.
The Kyoto University GSM’s mission is to cultivate professionals in the context of management by integrating the educational methodology used in conventional business schools with theoretical and ethnographical approaches that Kyoto University is renowned for. The result is a unique school of management, aiming at the unity of liberal arts and science.
We encourage professionals who have specialized work experience and undergraduates who have strong backgrounds in such various fields as economics, engineering, informatics, etc. to apply to the graduate school.


GSM offers the following four educational programs:
New Business Development and Turn-around  Management Program
Project Operation Management Program
Service Value Creation Program
Finance & Accounting Program
For further information, please visit at the GSM Web site, or contact us.