We have conducted joint research projects with external organizations on MOT and innovation management.
 METI MOT Project (FY2006)
Our research proposal “Specialization and integration between corporate R&D organization and business units” has been accepted to FY2006 METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) MOT project funding. This research proposal is a joint work with Prof. Tatsuya Kikutani, Prof. Norio Sawabe, and Prof. Yasuo Sugiyama. It has been conducted under the coordination of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Some assumptions on specialization and integration between corporate R&D organization and business units were evaluated with Web-based questionnaire system that we developed.

Acceptance Notification
• Midterm Presentation
• Project Result Overview

 “Machiya de Wabiquitous” Project
This project is to explore new design methodologies that aim at uniting comfortable living environment and ubiquitous information technologies. Machiya is a traditional wooden townhouse particularly found in Kyoto. “Wabiquitous” is a compound word of “wabi” + “ubiquitous,” where we respect advanced IT technology implying Japanese traditional cultural concept such as “wabi.” This project is headed by Prof. Katsumi Tanaka, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.

• “Machiya de Wabiquitous” Project